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    • – Company Accolades
    • – 1st at Pharmaceutical Grade & in all Medical Doctors’ Physician’s Desk Reference
    • – $1 Billion Dollar NYSE Company
    • – Used by nearly 3,000 of the world’s most elite & Olympic athletes.
    • – Largest scientific team in industry with over 80 PhD’s on Research & Development staff, with patents and patents pending in cutting edge, advanced health sciences
    • – Comparisons available with 1,500 of the biggest companies in the USA, Canada, & Mexico that everyone uses.
  • Develop a willable family business to pass forward to the next generation of loved ones.


I’ve already had a career developing and leading what have now become over 160,000 distributor partners and customers on 4 continents and 20 countries.

This is duplicating a growing number of Million Dollar Club member-partners now into the dozens. After living the blessing of several years in semi retirement, I have newer, laser-focused life goals and dreams. I’ve never seen better timing than right here, right now, to create the next billion dollar team! This may not just be a coincidence we have connected!

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